Research Institute for Progression of Knowledge (RIPK) is a research oriented Institute. As a research oriented Institute, it conducts numbers of researches regularly.

Supporting research is one of the essential activities of RIPK. The Institute has established a fund program to support research in various areas. The Research Institute areas cover the Humanities, Social science, Business, Science and Technology. Interested researchers, academicians, and professionals can also attend the research projects run by RIPK.

RIPK provides funds to a number of research projects every year. Interested researchers are instructed to form a research group of which the number of members should not exceed five. Groups are asked to submit the research proposal to the director at:





Invitation for RIPK Editorial Board

Research Institute for Progression of Knowledge (RIPK) is seeking qualified researchers as members of the Editorial Team. RIPK will serve as a great resource for researchers and students across the globe. We do ask you to support this initiative by joining the Editorial Team. If you are interested in serving as a member of the Editorial Team, please send your resume to: